Customizable To Fit Your Service Business

BlueFolder includes robust customization capabilities that make it easy to tailor it to fit your business. Our customers include companies from many different service industries and customizability is the magic that makes it possible to have a solution that works for so many.

Permissions/Access Control

We recognize that controlling who gets to see your sensitive business data is important to you. BlueFolder includes robust permissions and access-controls that allow you to control what data your employees can see and modify. Multiple user roles enable you to customize different permission levels for your whole team. You can also control what information your customers can see via the customer portal.

Custom Fields

With support for unlimited custom fields, you can easily keep track of ALL of the data you need for each customer, job, or equipment item. Custom fields are searchable too, so add as many as you want and start tracking ALL your data.


Service Requests, Work Orders, Jobs, Tickets, blah, blah, blah. Use the terms YOU like, we don't care.

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